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Bert’s Diner


Bert’s is a Valentine Diner, The Valentine diner company out of Wichita, Kansas. These prefab little diners were loaded on to the back of a flatbed truck and delivered to the customer nearly ready to go. Considering these diners were small, they were also well designed and seemed rather roomy. This is not unlike the one I worked at with my brother. It was my first job at age 13. I believe my boss thought I was at least 16, or I wouldn’t have been hired. My brother was a car guy, and my childhood hero, as I admired him greatly, and was the one I got the car bug from. He was Chef, and was well known as one of the car guys in the rural valley where we lived. So the diner became a favored location to grab a fresh homemade Cheese Burger, and talk cars. It is the inspiration behind this painting.

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