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Country Roads


F-100 Ford Pickups have long been a favorite with car and truck guys. They seem right at home in rural settings, as a workhorse or cruising Main Street. There is a common thread that run through near all my work and binds it together, I paint for myself and not to please others. I had a number of art jobs at the beginning of my working life, and I hated each one, especially working under thumb and making crap. I was beginning to hate art, so I quit and did other kinds of work and was able to rekindle my interest and love of art. I never thought there might be a market for my automotive art. They were simply something I enjoyed doing, so did them. Without exactly realizing it at the time, they embody a simpler time when life traveled at a slower pace.

Mostly they reflect a time gone by, personal memories, and my romance with hot rods and automobiles. They are a small part of my much larger interest, and painting history.

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