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The Aerosol Witch Doctor


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Some years ago I took a drive to down town Los Angeles, the reason escapes me now, but I had my camera. When I past what seemed to be vast open area, I noticed the Pan Pacific building and I just had to stop and admire it. But, before I got out of the car, I realized I had my camera so I proceeded to take photographs of it before some greedy land developer destroyed it, to put in a parking lot, or strip mall. It was surrounded by a park, and no one seemed to be there, except two young men spray painting graffiti on a wall next to the park. One noticed me, and lifted his shirt so show me his firearm. I pointed at my hand painted car, and made a gesture like I was painting. He understood, noticed the car, and gave me a thumbs up. Before I was done taking photographs of the Pan Pacific they were gone, so I walked down to investigate. There was lots of hate painted on that wall, and this stuck in my memory, and became the inspiration for this dark painting.