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Last of The Hot Ones


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Admittedly the title is somewhat ambiguous. I was thinking more of “the last of the hot spots”, but also a story by Roger Zelazny I read in Omin, a science fiction magazine from years that went out of print a couple of years prior to painting this.

This painting was my reaction to watching the destruction of the San Fernando Bob’s, the Van Nuys Bob’s, and the Canoga Parks Bob’s Big Boy Drive-ins. It’s hard to imagine Cruising without Bob’s Big Boy Drive-ins as they, like other Bob’s were the heratbeat of Cruising Culture, friendly towards young people. I recall the feeling of seeing the last standing part of the Canoga Park Bob’s, a lone standing Canopy standing like a sentinel, protecting the memories all who love their cars and shared the experiene of coming Bob’s when Cruising was king. The canopy is accompanied by a 27 T roadster, running a 327 Chevy engine