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Rick’s Diner


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For as long as there’s been automobiles there have been car clubs, and a time and a place when those clubs would meet up. And; while a great many clubs gather for all kinds of occasions on the weekends, Club Night has become a midweek tradition for one simple reason, a need for a midweek escape to breakup the monotony of the work week. What better cure for the midweek doldrums than hangin’ out with your pals for a few hours chowin’ down and talking cars.

There are also practical reasons for the midweek get together, like having time to make plans for up coming car shows, club activities, searching out car parts, finding a hot deal on a new rod, or to get some much needed help and advice on a getting that ol’ jalopy back on the road. It is easy to underestimate the value and importance of club night. Perhaps because it is a reoccurring event; we take it for granted, as we are not trying to measure, weigh, or analyze it. This is likely why we take so many of these prized experiences for granted only to miss them later as they become part of our personal history.