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Not So Easy Rider


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No addiction to motor vehicles would be complete without a stint with motorcycles, I had some, I liked them, rode “em, and painted them. The motorcycle paintings from my early days as an artist are rather raw and crude, yet they had passion. The early work reveals much, first, that my desire to paint exceeded my technical ability. Whether intended or not, these early works capture a measure of the psychedelic 1960s. Learning to paint over a life time is a journey, and these early works are from back at the beginning of learning about using paint, canvas board, and canvas.. This particular painting was my response to seeing “Easy Rider”.

The slow transition from painting on plywood, to poster board on to illustration board, and eventually canvas board and then to stretched canvas was quite a leap in a short time. I wasn’t exactly rolling in cash, nor was I exactly fixed on the perfect art materials , so when I wanted to paint, any blank surface might be a candidate. In this case it was canvas board, and the medium: acrylics.