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Paso Fleetline


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A 1948 Chevy Fleetline is the central vehicle parked at the A&W Drive- In. The Inspiration for this painting came about as a result of attending the West Coast Customs car show in Paso Robles, California. This small town drive-in is exactly like my after school hang out in high school. It burned down before I graduated and was replaced with a parking lot. By the time the 1960’s rolled around the fashion in fast food restaurants was beginning to change. The drive-in car service and carhop Idea was starting to fade as a choice for dining out. The replacement was either the drive through or to take the leap and actually go out to dinner in a restaurant or coffee shop which required you to get out of the car. Perhaps the novelty just wore off or the drive-in had become such a teen hang out it was driving the regular customers away. In-any-event, drive-In’s from coast to coast began to close down due to a lack of customers. Never-the-less, the A&W in Paso Robles still stood, back in 1989. But I understand it was finally torn down.