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The Beaters


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A 1929 Model A Roadster, High Boy and a 1939 Merc Custom share space at the neighborhood A&W root beer stand and drive-in.The setting in this particular painting was located in Paso Robles, California, however this could have been most any where, as A&W used the same architecture for many of their locations, like we had in my town. This rather beat up old Model A roadster was of the type my brothers and their pals put together in the early 1950’s. Because they had Little money to work with, the hot rods they built were quite often very rough to begin with. Mis-match tires and wheels, worn through paint revealing 12 previous paint jobs and an Indian blanket for a seat cover. This variety of hot rod in it’s rough early stages was referred to by a number of handles, the heap, junker, clunker, pile, and most commonly the beater, or jalopy.